Today Is A Catch Up Day

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Photo Created by Raiscara Avalon

I am so behind.

Okay, so I’m really not – I am where I am. But I FEEL behind, and that’s a powerful thing. So I’m taking some time to mitigate that feeling as much as possible – cause we all know where it goes. Straight into the land of stress, overwhelm and eventually, nothing gets done! Feeling behind is also guaranteed to trigger my panic attacks and seriously piss off my OCD.

Which, naturally, makes me have a very bad day indeed.

Image by J├╝rgen Sieber from Pixabay

And this weekend was fucked – woke up Friday to the joy of being hypersensitive to everything. And not like my usual levels of my having a hypersensitive day, no sirree bob! This was hypersensitivity on crack – it was like the entire world was made up of sharp glass. Every sound hurt like shards of glass being flung at my ears, the light was like stabbing shards of glass – even my clothes and the very air hurt.

I was not a happy person. A whisper at 50 feet through walls hurt.

Saturday was much the same, only I wasn’t quite as sensitive – more like a normal level of hypersensitivity! And a wicked bout of insomnia Saturday night – I didn’t fall asleep until after 8 am Sunday morning! So naturally, there went Sunday, as I slept all day, and a repeat of Saturday night happened Sunday night. Here it is 6:21 am, and I still haven’t slept yet.

So today is a catch up day. Maybe a catch up week, who knows?

Some things I need to catch up on:

  • Emails
  • Medium Articles
  • Goals (Writing and tracking)
  • Meg’s Story
  • Blog Posts (Writing ahead)
  • The metric shit ton of other to-dos…
  • Oh yeah, sleep…

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop – usually becoming that sensitive means something is coming down the pike, and it usually isn’t something I’m going to like, such as a bad flare or migraine. Nothing yet and my fingers are crossed that it was just wacky weather! This is a good week for a catch up week too – it’s very light as far as outside the house stuff – only two appointments on the books that I know of.

What happens when you feel behind? Do you have catch up days or weeks? Do they help, if so?