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Starting Over From Scratch

Starting Over From Scratch, Starting Life Over, Reset
Photo Created by Raiscara Avalon

Well, not entirely from scratch, but more or less so. I am redoing pretty much everything I can because a lot of the older stuff no longer fits. Why? Because I am taking a far more relaxed approach to these things now. 

I’m bringing back the fun to my work and my life. Slowly. I have deleted all previous posts on this blog – don’t worry, there will be tons of value for you coming up. I will admit, I’m going to be a little more “me” focused on here because one of the best ways to teach or help others is to lead by example.

And honestly, I felt more like I was trying too hard to be all value-driven and other people-focused. I lost sight of what I do best. I took myself out of the equation, and all that was left was cold advice that was not what anyone needed.

So expect more glimpses into my actual life. Because I’m getting very real.

My Christmas spirit is shit. Seriously. And I can’t really blame the 20 some odd years of working in customer service anymore. I haven’t worked in customer service very long for almost a decade, and the customer service I did work in that time period was not Christmas related like retail…and really, the one time I worked there over the holidays, there wasn’t much for decorating or music or anything like that – it was a call center, and they liked to keep it professional.

I do get spurts of Christmas spirit though. Yesterday, I baked some delicious Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate cookies while actually listening to Christmas music.

Starting Over From Scratch
Photo by Raiscara Avalon Photography
Starting Over From Scratch
Photo by Raiscara Avalon Photography

They were out of this world delicious, though obviously I’m not an Instagram chef/baker. Who has time to make perfectly round cookies anyway? 

But as it, like my energy, comes in waves, the Christmas tree isn’t even decorated! It has lights (the blue being a recent addition) and a topper.

Starting Over From Scratch
Photo by Raiscara Avalon Photography

Hopefully, this gets rectified by Christmas. Especially as I have presents to get wrapped and placed under said Christmas tree – and I can’t have it looking so sparse! Though at least it has a topper this year, that is an improvement over other years.

Today I spent most of the day in hiding. I don’t do Friday the 13th and haven’t since I became an adult. Well, since about the age of 20 or so. When I was a teen, it was always an awesome day for me, a super lucky one. According to astrology, Friday is my lucky day, and 13 is my lucky number, which always made Friday the 13th a super lucky awesome day for me – until I hit about 20. It was all downhill from there and quickly became a very unlucky, super bad day.

Why I don’t know. Maybe it’s really a lucky day, but the Universe was showing me something I didn’t want to see, so I considered it bad luck? Hard saying not knowing, but it’s hard to overcome almost 17 years of aversion to it.

Things didn’t go to plan today, but they weren’t MY plans, they were kiddos plans…so is that bad luck for me or her? Spent the non-hiding time running her and her on-again, off-again boyfriend around, trying to find a hotel that would allow under 21-year-olds to be there.

One place was rude, so I definitely will never get a hotel room from them (Best Western in Waterville, ME, I’m looking at you) and the other was polite, but wouldn’t let them stay without an “adult.” Since when do you have to be 21? What happened to being 18? Either way, we all came home and brought him with us cause the roads were getting icy due to a rainstorm – freezing rain right now.

Wasn’t safe to be out there much longer. Couldn’t even walk without sliding, it was that bad.

So now I’m home, getting some work type stuff done at 9 pm cause I want to. I don’t have to, cause it’s Friday night and late, plus I am enjoying an adult beverage of my own. But I’m doing it because I want to because I want this post to be published today…and a few other things besides.

How have you started over? Have you done so recently? Why did you or did you not? Is starting over something you do regularly?