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Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 Freebies

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Like promised, here are some freebies you get if you purchased the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($). Hope you didn’t miss out on the Early Bird bonus!

If you have already purchased the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($) (you still qualify for the regular bonuses!) you will get two free webinars – How To Set Goals You’ll Actually Stick With by Laura Smith and The 21 Minute Morning Routine by Jami Balmet. These will run on Sunday and Monday, at 3 pm and 8 pm EST respectively. You can sign up for either or both, your choice.

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Laura Smith is the founder of IHeartPlanners, and she’ll teach you how to:

  • Take control of your days.
  • Set the right goals – the ones you can actually stick with.
  • Prioritize your goals so you know what to work on first.
  • Stay motivated all year long.

A very good choice if goals are your focus this year. We can all learn some new ways to set and prioritize goals – and if you have some secret way to make your goals happen that works, why aren’t you sharing this information?!

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Jami Balmet is the founder of Young Wife’s Guide and she’ll teach you:

  • Which three areas to focus on in the morning.
  • How to prioritize your day.
  • How to fit a morning routine into 21 minutes.

Which makes this webinar an excellent choice if habits are your focus for this year. Or of course, you can take both, as habits lead to goals getting completed!

Either webinar is an amazing way to possibly learn new things. Just as a side note, both women are mothers – Laura is a mother of two, and Jami of five. So juggling is definitely a way of life for them!

Sign up for either webinar here: Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 Webinar Registration There should be replays as well!

Feel free to try and register if you haven’t purchased the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 as well. Sometimes Ultimate Bundles opens it to everyone, and isn’t entirely clear when they announce it – and I would hate for you to miss out because of it!

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Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Photo Created by Raiscara Avalon

Yes, another bundle – I completely forgot this one was coming, honestly. And this one isn’t sticking around very long, it’s only on sale for Jan 2nd through the 8th. Those on my mailing list heard about it the second it went live, the 2nd at 8 am EST. Cause I’m cool that way. And there will be an additional post tomorrow about this, because of some cool free stuff…and I’m always willing to share the freebies with you guys!

Freebies are fun!

Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely want to be more productive in 2020 than I was in 2019. Yeowch. I feel like I slept 90% of 2019 away, and while I did do a lot of sleeping due to chronic fatigue, I also know that wasn’t all I did…but it sure does feel like it.

Photo via Ultimate Bundles

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($) has 73 different resources to help us all become more productive. From ebooks to ecourses, membership sites and more! Never mind the Early Bird bonus if you purchase today (Jan 3rd).

The “official” breakdown of products in The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 – $2,837.06 value:

  • 12 ebooks
  • 30 ecourses
  • 29 workbooks & printables
  • 2 membership sites

Anyone who’s read this blog for more than a second knows that I love Ultimate Bundles because they pack a lot of value into their bundles – at a fraction of the price. I ask you to purchase through my links to keep the lights on (and the internet!) so I can keep blogging and otherwise create my career and life. But you don’t have to, and there is always a money-back guarantee through Ultimate Bundles.

I like money, I’m not going to lie – pretty sure we all do. But I’m not going to recommend something just to make it…that’s too sketchy for me, and I don’t like shady ass business practices. I want you to be happy with the products or whatever that I recommend, and I want you to get the biggest bang for your buck as possible. Maybe I’m hurting myself by doing so, but I’m here to help people, not hurt them.

Photo via Ultimate Bundles

Oh yes, and the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($)? Written by people just one or two steps ahead, normal, everyday folks who figured out something that worked for them and are sharing it. Not some large conglomerate somewhere who thinks they know what productivity is, or a so-called expert who optimizes everything and forgets to live – but real people with messy lives.

Now the fun part, the bonuses! The bonuses alone are worth $142.96

  • 2 8×10 prints, a printable 2020 calendar and $15 shop credit from Hope Ink.
  • 3-month membership to Focuster.
  • 2oz Energy Plus tincture from Earthly.

Early Bird Bonus – $97 value (Only good on Jan 3rd, so act fast!):

  • The Goal Crusher’s Mastermind by Brianna Berner

The Early Bird bonus will teach you thinks like why traditional goal planning doesn’t work, how to get rid of SMART goals and create a plan you will actually stick with, and Brianna’s top-secret way to knock things off that to-do list and finally take control of it!

All this for just $47 + $10 for some additional cheat sheets. Seriously, what the hell are you waiting for? Go start 2020 off right!