Quarterly Goals For July-Sept 2019

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Okay, so I’m a little behind the curve here, but not too far behind! Of course, are we ever really behind? Time-wise, I would say in this case yes, as it is about mid-August, so I missed an entire month (plus in regards to the blog), or 1/3 of the quarter already. And this is one of the hardest quarters for me personally, with Reverse SAD and various good weather plans when I feel up to it…or force myself to go to, cause I was invited and need to get out of the house for my health!

Quarterly Goals for July – Sept 2019

  • Make $1000 Per Month From Blog
  • Make $1000 Per Month From Freelance Writing
  • Make $1000 Per Month From Medium
  • Declutter Each Room Of The House
  • Finish The Rapture
  • Clean Up and Go Through All Email

That’s it for this quarter, and I am aware that some won’t happen – but it keeps me honest. They could happen sooner, they could happen later – it’s not under my control when they happen, but doing the things that can lead to those goals is under my control. And I’m really trying to narrow my focus on just those things that are within my control.

Yes, I plan on making money, from everything I do if possible. Not that I wouldn’t do the work for free, but in today’s world I don’t have to. I have a family to support after all, and money makes the world go round. That is just basic reality, no matter how I may wish it were different.

I also want to do a ton more creative things – which is why my Patreon just says creative things. I love so many different things and want to get back into doing some things that I love – like homemade beauty products and such. But I have to take things bit by bit else I will get overwhelmed with the thousands of things I would like to do. So right now, I’m focused mostly on writing.

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

I have been working on some of these goals since the end of July, but I kept putting off this post for some reason or another. I think fear is trying to derail my goals, and I won’t let it. Even if it means that I have to fight to put up a blog post that might be “too personal” for Karen, my ego, or just fearful of whatever. Most of the time I’m not even sure why I procrastinate, I just find myself doing it.

Things are a bit better mentally, though I’m plum wore out from everything going on plus trying to work on my own goals. But I’m striving, and that’s the important part.

How are you doing on your own goals?


How To Set Quarterly Goals

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Obviously, I have planning for the future on my mind, as I am neck deep in it.

Quarterly goals are a different way to think of your personal goals. And it’s a good time frame – more than a month, less than a year. The year also naturally splits up into quarterly segments – that’s probably why it is so common among businesses. If you struggle with monthly and yearly goals, this may be a solution for you.

Warren Buffet’s 25-5 Story

You’ve probably heard this story before, so I’ll paraphrase it here. Warren Buffet tells his personal pilot Mike Flint to write down 25 things he wants to accomplish. Once that is done, Warren tells Mike to circle the 5 most important, which Mike does. Those 5 things become what Mike focuses on until their completion, to the exclusion of the other 20.

What Does Warren Buffet Have To Do With Quarterly Goals?

I use his 25-5 method to choose what I’m going to focus on each quarter. I generally choose 6 or 8 things, however, instead of the 5 – mostly because I despise odd numbers. It’s an OCD thing. And those are my quarterly goals. If I finish sooner, I get to pick a new one, which is also fun.

Also, Warren Buffet is super successful, so you could have worse mentors. If it works for Warren Buffet, it works for me. Emulation, baby!

Set Realistic Quarterly Goals

Don’t try to be a billionaire in a quarter, unless you are already on the cusp and have enough income coming in to make it happen. For the rest of us, set something you can achieve in a quarter – like an income goal to increase your earnings by x amount in a quarter or something like that. Don’t only make them SMART goals, which you’ve probably heard about a million times by now, but make them realistic for YOU!

Yes, you can technically write 3 novels in a quarter, if you type fast and have the mental stamina to do it. Most of us, however, might only be able to write one. So really plan it out, so that you know all the steps required, the time you have available, how much rest you need so that you don’t burn out, and whatever else you need.

Thinking like a business can work well for creatives. Many of us are already running our own businesses of some sort anyway – and quarters aren’t just for taxes. Even if you aren’t running a creative business, thinking like a business will get you further at times…and we all want to reach our goals. Planning for the future is hard enough as it is.

Have you ever set personal quarterly goals? How well did it work for you and why? If it didn’t, why not?