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Rediscover Your Old Loves

Photo Created by Raiscara Avalon

What did you like as a child? Or even as a younger you of any age?

Really lean into those memories. Remember how those activities made you feel, how you thought about them, the feel of whatever you touched as you went about doing that activity – really put your PresentMe into the memory.

Now here comes the not so fun part – why did you stop?

Image by Miesha Moriniere from Pixabay

You may want to write about this in your journal, as this can definitely shake some things loose. It all depends on why. If you naturally grew out of it, that may be the most natural way to end things. But most of us didn’t grow out of our childhood activities or other activities – we lost them for other reasons.

In childhood, I used to draw by freehand copying something, say Archie. Or Scooby, or whatever I was into at the moment – or whatever I had at hand. Not trace, copy. I was pretty good at it too, apparently, because I started to get accused of tracing my pictures – and after so much of that, I just stopped. What was the point if every time I showed someone, they didn’t believe that I had done it and that I clearly must have traced it? Of course, now it just proves how good I was at that point, and makes me wonder where I could have gone with that…and I wonder if that ability is still there, just latent.

Other things fell to the wayside as well, for many different reasons; money, time, suppliers – adult excuses really. Herbalism is one of them, and with that making my own bath and body care items.

Really the only things that have carried over from childhood have been writing and photography, and sometimes even those get sporadic.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

This year though, I’m going to start picking up some of the activities that I used to love and see if they still hold value for me. I’m really excited to pick up herbalism and making my own body care products again, so that seems to be a sign to me that it still is something I love.

I challenge you to do the same! What old loves are you going to rediscover in 2020?

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