Personal Friday: Changes All Around!

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Yes, changes are afoot – both on the blog and in real life.

Ch…Ch…Changes…! Sorry, I had to. I am currently tearing my life apart, from the bottom to the top. That means I’m decluttering my home, planning for the future, executing some of the plans, setting quarterly goals and focusing on them, changing my habits – nothing is safe.

Yesterday was my 36th birthday. I spent most of the day in bed, completely and totally drained. 36 apparently wants to suck the life out of me. Of course, I’m not going to let it, but I am listening to my body as I can. Not even music saved me. Took all day just to write this post…seriously. Not even the dulcet sounds of Bruno Mars managed it – and that boy can make me move.

Anyway, changes on the blog. Yes. You may have seen the new Promotion Thursday – that’s me finding products and deals for you guys that I either love and use or plan on purchasing ASAP. And obviously, you see Personal Friday – where I keep you updated on various things going on in my life. Reader Questions Wednesday is another series in the works, and My Promotion Tuesday, where I promote my own things (mostly books). I won’t be posting if I have nothing to post, so consider them sporadic. 🙂

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