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Stop Minimizing Your Achievements

Photo Created by Raiscara Avalon

I have to admit, I caught myself doing this very thing already this year.

I had reached a milestone of sorts on Quora, becoming a Most Viewed Writer on the topic of Maine. Maine, of course, is the state where I live. And while it doesn’t seem like a huge achievement, it’s still an achievement – considering I was a nobody two weeks ago.

It’s a milestone I didn’t have before.

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

Granted, it’s not a large milestone – I didn’t bring about world peace, or even finish a novel. But if you don’t celebrate the small achievements, you won’t get to the larger ones. All these small, seemingly insignificant achievements build-up to the big ones, it’s what motivates a person to keep going!

Every little thing counts.

So get out there and celebrate the small wins. It will make you happier overall, plus small wins lead to big wins later…they all matter. They all count.

What small achievements will you celebrate today?

My sincerest apologies for the shortness of the post today, but I’ve been under the weather for the past few days, and my brain more or less refuses to acquiesce to my request. Okay, demands.