Still Struggling Against Anxiety And Depression

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Still Struggling Against Anxiety And Depression
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

It’s an ongoing battle, especially when it comes to me vs the anxiety. But I really hate the depression – I only have roughly 2-4 productive months available per year, if everything goes smoothly. And those of you with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders know that nothing ever goes smoothly.

But I may be coming out the other side of my winter depression cycle, or it’s just another fake out like in Jan/Feb. I’m planning again, getting work done on the Portal Series again – even showed some for critique! – and clearing some of the clutter around here. Things tend to pile up when I’m depressed, but clutter is absolutely no good for your mental health. The energy of the room doesn’t feel right with too much stuff, never mind the visual aspect. It’s like having a million tiny open loops in your brain…which those with depression and anxiety need a few less open loops. I speak from experience.

At least with the days getting noticeably longer, my SAD should recede. As long as this isn’t the spring of doom and gloom I should be seeing actual improvements, not fake out ones. So far the weather has cooperated with me, but we shall see. Still a foot of snow on the ground, yet mud season has started. But I’m loving the sunlight, even though I don’t get out in it much. Still nice to see. 

So that’s what is going on, me still fighting the good fight.

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