Starting My Freelance Journey

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Starting My Freelance Journey
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I have decided to take up freelancing, and you get to come with me on my journey! It may be a long one, it may be a short one (hopefully not!) but in the end, it will be one. I’m doing this in addition to my fiction writing, so I guess I’m both a fiction and nonfiction freelancer. ? Have to start somewhere I suppose. The advantages of this would be bringing in some income and branching out with my writing, as that will be my focus. There are some disadvantages though, or at least possible ones – how I’m going to handle a depression cycle and freelancing. That right now remains a mystery, but I’m willing to try – no one ever got where they wanted to go by thinking about it. Not on Earth anyway.

Depression is just one of several challenges that I will face. One that may not be an issue once I start bringing in enough income to do more than just survive, which is my current income level. Hard saying not knowing. Not sure how I’m going to work freelance writing into my schedule either, but I know that if I wait to figure everything out, I’ll never do it. And being able to make my own schedule is part of the point – a 9-5 never worked well for me, even when I could work a regular job.

So I’m basically jumping out on a leap of faith, which isn’t sitting the most comfortable. Type A++’s rarely are comfortable without massive amounts of planning.

And I am planning, be assured of that. I don’t think it’s possible for me not to plan honestly. Yet it is still a leap of faith because there is so much I cannot plan for – mental health issues, family stuff, parenting mishaps etc. Too many variables and unknowns. All I can do is plan the best I can, commit, and do the damn work. If I have to reduce my sleeping hours, I will – at least it is for a good cause. I’ve stayed up late for worse.

There will be adjustments around here as well, as I adapt.

Have any freelancing advice for a beginner? I’m especially interested in web content and blogging. Topics of choice being lifestyle, parenting, writing, mental health (especially depression/anxiety) and self-improvement. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! ❤️

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