Note For My Rais #2 – Going Through A Rough Patch

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

News From My Bed: I have been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. I’ve been so fatigued that I’m on a new level that I’ve never reached before, and I don’t consider that a good thing. And I’ve been so exhausted that breathing, should it be optional, would have ceased. But now my bones and muscles just feel like water, and that is rather scary.

I am writing this blog post through half-slitted eyes, drinking Death Wish Coffee, and barely managing to stay awake.

On top of that, either due to stress or fatigue or other reasons we won’t name, I feel like I’m losing my mind. I am normally a person with a mind like a steel trap – I rarely forget much. Even through fibro fog, I remembered stuff. Pregnancy brain, same. No, I don’t have an endemic memory, just a really good one. But lately, I’m missing appointments, literally just forgetting that they exist…even though I write everything down (just in case) and it’s on my calendar. I literally NEVER no call, no show appointments. But I am now.

I made my entire house search for a pizza pan for hours – that I had thrown away quite some time ago. Still only have the vaguest memory of doing so, thankfully my daughter remembered. Or they would still be searching for it! No, she was not in the house at the time! 🙂

I’m also having some hearing issues. Which as of right now does not look to be permanent, but a fluctuating issue. Basically, I’m all ate up, as we said in the Army.

So what on earth is a girl to do?

Well, for one thing, I’m checking my calendar every night before bed and making sure to write everything down. Writing is normal, the calendar thing is new. I actually end up checking it multiple times a day, but as long as I stop missing things, I’m okay with that. Right now I’m more concerned with that than if it is the best use of my time.

I’m digging back into my past and going back to doing crosswords again and seeing if that helps sharpen my brain any. Well, I know it will, but I don’t know what is causing this particular brain issue. Crosswords are amazing for keeping your brain healthy. I’ve done them my entire life, starting around age 5 when I started reading chapter books.

Ahh, the innocent days of Nancy Drew, The Wizard of Oz, Sweet Valley High, The Babysitter’s Club, and The Boxcar Children. Considering I was reading Stephen King and VC Andrews behind my parents back a few years later, those were innocent times!

Guys, it was the late 80’s/early 90’s – there was no YA or really anything between the above and Stephen King or other adult authors. Stephen King was available, so I read him.

I’m also experimenting with a few different things. I have a lot of projects and a lot of to do’s, so I’ve broken the week into batch days on my top three focuses business-wise. Just started that, so I’m excited to see how that goes – and so far, I’ve gotten more done this week than I have all month, but I have actually focused on it again, so we’ll see how it continues.

Each day right now I have 3 things to get done. Very short to-do list, but they are things that will actually matter in the long run versus admin work (which is all Sunday).

The list may be short, but it may be too much for me right now, but I’m giving it about a week to try it out, then I’ll tweak as needed. If it only works on days that I have nothing going on, that’s not very helpful for the rest of the week, now is it?

How is everything going for you? Anything exciting you want to share?

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