Letter To My Rais #1 – Welcome To The New, Goodbye To The Old

Image by My pictures are CC0. When doing composings: from Pixabay

Rais stands for rays of light, with my own spelling. A quirk on my name, if you will. Which more or less means a beautiful beacon of light, near as I can tell…and I want to include that who I am to you guys, and in who you are to me. You are my “rais” of light, and I hope to be a beacon of light for you as well.

At the very least, you’ll find that I’m honest. Sometimes brutally so. But I do try to be kind always…I don’t like being unkind.

I have had a lot of time to think, and things had to change. I wasn’t entirely being myself and I wasn’t truly doing what I wanted to do. I want to help people grow as themselves and become better versions of themselves. What I don’t want to do is feel like I’m preaching. I also want to grow a business based on what I love to do. What I don’t want is another job.

The old way felt like preaching and a job…exactly what I didn’t want, but thought was the only path because “everyone else was doing it.” I never did do well when it came to doing what everyone else was doing. So now I’m going to forge my own path, because that’s just the way I’m built, and it’s the way it works. Plus the whole thing felt cold, devoid of life.

I don’t just want to stand on my soapbox and preach or sell things. I want to build a tribe of people that all follow their own journey’s, but do it together in a way so that each person lifts up and builds another. One of the world’s greatest resources so often goes untapped – that of human experience and potential. We can all lift each other up and help each other grow, and I want that for all of us. And if you happen to purchase a product I suggest or one I create, then awesome. But it’s not my end game.

That’s for those who aren’t yet ready to connect on a deep level and help rather than hinder their fellow people. The blog, however, is for those who are ready. And yes, you will hear about a product I think may help, or an achievement I make…but you are under no obligation to buy. No one is. No, I’m not telling you I don’t want to make money – that would be absurd, and no one would believe me if I tried. Not very honest, especially when I have a very audacious financial goal!

I just refuse to make money by throwing someone else under the bus, or off the backs of the poor, or through paywalls if avoidable. I also refuse to play mental mind games to get people to buy my items. Either you will or you won’t. It really is that simple to me.

So come join me on my journey. Feel free to get a hold of me literally anywhere you see me. Leave a comment, send an email, a DM, private message, whatever. Let me know your thoughts, feelings, where you are on your journey, or even just a question. I’m here for you.

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