[Personal Friday] Reverse SAD or Stress?

[Personal Friday] Learning, Learning, Learning
Personal Friday at Raiscara Avalon

I have been dealing with one hell of a headache for over 3 weeks now. Feels like a compression headache, and it is getting really old. My head constantly hurts, from a mild ache to screaming migraine. No wonder I’m feeling meh lately.

But the meh feels deeper than just meh, if that makes sense. Which makes me wonder: is it just stress, or is my Reverse SAD kicking in early? I’m supposed to avoid stress due to my illnesses, but as you can see, that doesn’t always happen. Have I crossed an invisible boundary?

I sure hope it’s not my Reverse SAD kicking in early. Too much needs to get done before that depressive cycle hits, but part of me fears that it is already too late. It’s still in the gray zone though, where it could be many different things – but I already just want to hide into the Sims 4. It is taking quite a bit for me to continue to push through and get things finished, and that may only get worse.

Generally, my Reverse SAD kicks in around the 4th of July, leaving me quite the mess until September/October – just in time for regular SAD to kick in. Now I’m in this twilight zone, and it feels like Reverse SAD, but it’s also not clear – could be stress, allergies, any number of things that have me down. Or just the shitty weather blues.

Do you suffer from Reverse SAD? How do you handle it?

I’m still looking for some help on my GoFundMe, if you can help me out! I ended up about $500 short on my bills this month, due to some unexpected expenses. This definitely hasn’t been my spring so far! Everything helps at this point, so even if you can only donate $5, it helps!

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[Personal Friday] Learning, Learning, Learning

[Personal Friday] Learning, Learning, Learning
Personal Friday at Raiscara Avalon

Did I happen to mention that I’m learning?

I’m learning so much about blogging, things I didn’t even know that I didn’t know. And even better, I am slowly putting things into action to see what works for me. All this learning is also helping me generate ideas of my own. Lots of ideas. I just need to remember to do one thing at a time. Slow change is better than fast.

If I do 20 different things at once, how will I know what worked?

I wouldn’t, and that’s a problem. I can’t repeat what works, keep it, if I don’t know what works. And I can’t get rid of what doesn’t work, again because I don’t know. It’s a bit of a Catch-22, really.

Learning is fun, but putting things into practice is more important. All the theoretical knowledge in the world won’t help you unless you do. Doing is how you truly learn.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

With this process, I know I’ll truly learn how to do whatever I need to. The world becomes my oyster at that point, and it can be the same for you.

I have a lot to learn. And I do mean a LOT! But I’ll get there, one step at a time. While I work, I’m learning – because I’m doing mostly, but not always. I’m learning about blogging, writing in general, life, and any other topic that interests me. I’m a multipotentialite, so I never stop learning…the topics just change. And this blog is a bit of a reflection of that.

We all need to learn and grow – Nature abhors a vacuum. And if you aren’t growing, you’re dead…it just hasn’t caught up with you yet.

As a side note, I have 3 months to raise a LOT of money in order to prevent homelessness. Come heating season in Maine, I’m out of luck. So I’m raising money on GoFundMe, working as much as I can to make money, and my family is as well. We actually need more than what I’m raising – that is literally just what we need to get housing and a reliable vehicle.

We are dealing with all kinds of issues right now, from food scarcity to medical to transportation – and it keeps getting worse! I have faith that folks will help us out because otherwise, I don’t know what we are going to do.

Living far below the poverty line is no good – especially with impending homelessness. And I can’t get any help from the state etc, I’ve already tried. Best I could do is subsidized housing – but that’s a two year + waiting list. And honestly, the options are not in areas I want to live.

So please donate what you can. Or buy something I have for sale, such as Random Photos From Maine Vol I. Read and clap on my Medium posts. Share my fundraiser. Something.

If you don’t want to donate via GoFundMe:

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Personal Friday: Talk About Some Bad Luck

Personal Friday: Talk About Some Bad Luck
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Last Friday, after the blog post, well, that afternoon, I broke the vehicle I’m using – shotgun holed the oil pan. Got to the store, and oil went everywhere. *sigh* My brother and his father-in-law had to bail me out. This is getting to be a habit. 

I need a new vehicle, but that isn’t in the cards right now. Or in the near future, as things are going right now.

Fortunately, my brother managed to patch the oil pan, so I can still drive, but no one knows how long it will last. Yay.

And to make matters worse, this Wednesday, my furnace decided it didn’t want to work. Checked everything I could think of, but I’m no tech. Dad took a look at it, and he couldn’t figure it out. So, tech call.

That’s bad enough, but my oil company treats me well. So I can’t complain there.

The tech guy shows up, does his thing and everything is fine till the end…the heat shield was being held on by one measly screw! If that had fallen, it could have killed my whole family.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

So he condemns it, naturally. It’s not something he can fix, it’s unsafe, obviously…so I lost my furnace. And heat is still required at night. Fun times.

Fortunately, the owner of my oil company loaned us some heaters, which helps. I’ll take what I can get honestly.

Now I need to come up with 3 grand plus. Probably not going to happen anytime soon, but it’s worth a try. Add that to the long list of things I need money for!

They say bad things come in three’s, I’m not looking forward to the next one. Hopefully, two is enough! Really tired of my life being held together with baling wire, duct tape and a smattering of Bondo. Onward and upward I suppose!

Personal Friday: Changes All Around!

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Yes, changes are afoot – both on the blog and in real life.

Ch…Ch…Changes…! Sorry, I had to. I am currently tearing my life apart, from the bottom to the top. That means I’m decluttering my home, planning for the future, executing some of the plans, setting quarterly goals and focusing on them, changing my habits – nothing is safe.

Yesterday was my 36th birthday. I spent most of the day in bed, completely and totally drained. 36 apparently wants to suck the life out of me. Of course, I’m not going to let it, but I am listening to my body as I can. Not even music saved me. Took all day just to write this post…seriously. Not even the dulcet sounds of Bruno Mars managed it – and that boy can make me move.

Anyway, changes on the blog. Yes. You may have seen the new Promotion Thursday – that’s me finding products and deals for you guys that I either love and use or plan on purchasing ASAP. And obviously, you see Personal Friday – where I keep you updated on various things going on in my life. Reader Questions Wednesday is another series in the works, and My Promotion Tuesday, where I promote my own things (mostly books). I won’t be posting if I have nothing to post, so consider them sporadic. 🙂

Leave feedback on the posts, or email me at raiscara@raiscaraavalon.com. If you want to ask a question for Wednesdays, email readerquestions@raiscaraavalon.com. Tell me what you want to hear more about, I love getting ideas from my readers.