The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019

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TWO DAYS (Jan 15th and 16th, 2020) ONLY!

Are you a blogger? Have you ever wanted to become one, if not?

There are many reasons to become a blogger. It gives you a home on the internet that you can do anything with. It can even grow and change as you do! It can give you income – and not only one stream, either. It can simply be a way that you share your life with the world, or your voice.

Everyone has a reason for blogging – and there are as many reasons as people.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2019($) can shave you years off your learning curve. Blogging for fun is easy, but blogging for people isn’t quite as easy – even if you never want to make a dime off of it, shouting into the void isn’t very fun.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2019($) is the kind of thing I wish I had when I started blogging many, many moons ago. The price is a little higher than most of the bundles, but it’s also worth more. This one runs $97 + $50 for the cheat sheets. A $7395.27 value!

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There are 94 products in the Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2019($):

  • 55 eCourses
  • 26 eBooks
  • 12 printables, workbooks, and template packs
  • 1 membership site

Not too shabby for basically a little more than a dollar per item!

So grab your copy of the Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2019($) now, before the 2-day flash sale is over! 

If you are on my mailing list, you will receive 3 emails about this one. Mostly reminders – but hey, $750 is up for grabs, and you all know that I’m broker than broke right now. And I would hate to have you miss something that very well could be on your 2020 to-do list/resolution list! This sale is just so fast…blink and it’s gone.

For those curious, my catch up day was a wash – though I did catch up on some sleep. The insomnia still plagues me, so catch up week is mostly still a catch up on sleep thing. But I am getting some things done, slowly as I can, and that’s all that matters. Hopefully, this insomnia disappears soon!

Anyone else feel like January is taking a really LONG time to get over? It’s only halfway done, and I feel like two months have passed.

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Today Is A Catch Up Day

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I am so behind.

Okay, so I’m really not – I am where I am. But I FEEL behind, and that’s a powerful thing. So I’m taking some time to mitigate that feeling as much as possible – cause we all know where it goes. Straight into the land of stress, overwhelm and eventually, nothing gets done! Feeling behind is also guaranteed to trigger my panic attacks and seriously piss off my OCD.

Which, naturally, makes me have a very bad day indeed.

Image by Jürgen Sieber from Pixabay

And this weekend was fucked – woke up Friday to the joy of being hypersensitive to everything. And not like my usual levels of my having a hypersensitive day, no sirree bob! This was hypersensitivity on crack – it was like the entire world was made up of sharp glass. Every sound hurt like shards of glass being flung at my ears, the light was like stabbing shards of glass – even my clothes and the very air hurt.

I was not a happy person. A whisper at 50 feet through walls hurt.

Saturday was much the same, only I wasn’t quite as sensitive – more like a normal level of hypersensitivity! And a wicked bout of insomnia Saturday night – I didn’t fall asleep until after 8 am Sunday morning! So naturally, there went Sunday, as I slept all day, and a repeat of Saturday night happened Sunday night. Here it is 6:21 am, and I still haven’t slept yet.

So today is a catch up day. Maybe a catch up week, who knows?

Some things I need to catch up on:

  • Emails
  • Medium Articles
  • Goals (Writing and tracking)
  • Meg’s Story
  • Blog Posts (Writing ahead)
  • The metric shit ton of other to-dos…
  • Oh yeah, sleep…

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop – usually becoming that sensitive means something is coming down the pike, and it usually isn’t something I’m going to like, such as a bad flare or migraine. Nothing yet and my fingers are crossed that it was just wacky weather! This is a good week for a catch up week too – it’s very light as far as outside the house stuff – only two appointments on the books that I know of.

What happens when you feel behind? Do you have catch up days or weeks? Do they help, if so?

Stop Minimizing Your Achievements

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I have to admit, I caught myself doing this very thing already this year.

I had reached a milestone of sorts on Quora, becoming a Most Viewed Writer on the topic of Maine. Maine, of course, is the state where I live. And while it doesn’t seem like a huge achievement, it’s still an achievement – considering I was a nobody two weeks ago.

It’s a milestone I didn’t have before.

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

Granted, it’s not a large milestone – I didn’t bring about world peace, or even finish a novel. But if you don’t celebrate the small achievements, you won’t get to the larger ones. All these small, seemingly insignificant achievements build-up to the big ones, it’s what motivates a person to keep going!

Every little thing counts.

So get out there and celebrate the small wins. It will make you happier overall, plus small wins lead to big wins later…they all matter. They all count.

What small achievements will you celebrate today?

My sincerest apologies for the shortness of the post today, but I’ve been under the weather for the past few days, and my brain more or less refuses to acquiesce to my request. Okay, demands.

Rediscover Your Old Loves

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What did you like as a child? Or even as a younger you of any age?

Really lean into those memories. Remember how those activities made you feel, how you thought about them, the feel of whatever you touched as you went about doing that activity – really put your PresentMe into the memory.

Now here comes the not so fun part – why did you stop?

Image by Miesha Moriniere from Pixabay

You may want to write about this in your journal, as this can definitely shake some things loose. It all depends on why. If you naturally grew out of it, that may be the most natural way to end things. But most of us didn’t grow out of our childhood activities or other activities – we lost them for other reasons.

In childhood, I used to draw by freehand copying something, say Archie. Or Scooby, or whatever I was into at the moment – or whatever I had at hand. Not trace, copy. I was pretty good at it too, apparently, because I started to get accused of tracing my pictures – and after so much of that, I just stopped. What was the point if every time I showed someone, they didn’t believe that I had done it and that I clearly must have traced it? Of course, now it just proves how good I was at that point, and makes me wonder where I could have gone with that…and I wonder if that ability is still there, just latent.

Other things fell to the wayside as well, for many different reasons; money, time, suppliers – adult excuses really. Herbalism is one of them, and with that making my own bath and body care items.

Really the only things that have carried over from childhood have been writing and photography, and sometimes even those get sporadic.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

This year though, I’m going to start picking up some of the activities that I used to love and see if they still hold value for me. I’m really excited to pick up herbalism and making my own body care products again, so that seems to be a sign to me that it still is something I love.

I challenge you to do the same! What old loves are you going to rediscover in 2020?

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to purchase the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 at the sale price of $47+$10 for the cheat sheets!

My Writing Projects for 2020

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One thing I have yet to talk about on here, surprisingly, is what is on my agenda with my writing. In fact, I haven’t talked much about writing at all!
Which you would think would be strange coming from a writer. But I also absolutely love to help others find their way. So there’s that too. I can often get focused a little too hard on one thing, forgetting about the rest. Well, not forgetting, cause I write daily just about, but I haven’t blogged about it yet. Too caught up with other things! To all the readers out there, my sincerest apologies.

I have a lot of writing projects ahead of me this year if you count all the blog posts, articles, etc. But currently, I plan to publish 6 books this year. And I’m not counting any client work, just my own personal projects in this post – client work is its own list of projects! All 6 books will fall into two book series, The Portal Series and The Revelations Universe. Unless something changes, of course. I have many, many other book-length projects to work on – but I need to start somewhere (and actually finish) so I’m narrowing my focus a bit.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Upcoming Titles (Subject To Change)

  • Meg’s Story – Book 0.5 of The Portal Series
  • The Emperor’s Bride – Book 1 of The Portal Series
  • The Werewolf Queen – Book 2 of The Portal Series
  • The Rapture – Book 1 of The Revelations Universe
  • Locust Loving – Book 2 of The Revelations Universe

The 6th book I’m not sure of yet, but it will be in one of those two series. There’s a book that goes in between The Emperor’s Bride and The Werewolf Queen that I could do, or I could do another Revelations book. Maybe if things work out this year, I can do both and finish one ahead. These particular ones already have ideas or have been started/worked on, or some progress has been made in some fashion.

(Thinking out loud) Probably should do book 1.5 of The Portal Series, since it is a fairly linear series – even though the .5 books are more “extras.” We’ll see. Revelations Universe is completely nonlinear, which is why it is a universe rather than have series at the end of it. Either way, none of these books are going to get out if I don’t write them, and stop worrying so much over what book to do when! I feel that the 6th book or whatever will make itself known as progress is steadily being made, and some of these books get out there into the wild.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I have more photo books to put out too, but that’s not writing, so not much more than an aside in this post.

Trust me when I say that I have a LOT planned for 2020. Not only large writing projects but more variety in blog posts as well, as well as other things for the blog. I am the Idea Queen – I just often lack the time to get everything finished when I want them to be finished. I probably actually have more ideas than I have lifespan left, but that isn’t going to stop me from trying as many of them as I can. So look for that in the coming year.

What are your major projects for the year? Have you started already or is something holding you back?

Just as a reminder, the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($) is still on sale for $47 + $10 for cheat sheets! Sale ends Jan. 8th.

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Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 Freebies

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Like promised, here are some freebies you get if you purchased the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($). Hope you didn’t miss out on the Early Bird bonus!

If you have already purchased the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($) (you still qualify for the regular bonuses!) you will get two free webinars – How To Set Goals You’ll Actually Stick With by Laura Smith and The 21 Minute Morning Routine by Jami Balmet. These will run on Sunday and Monday, at 3 pm and 8 pm EST respectively. You can sign up for either or both, your choice.

Image by gabrielle_cc from Pixabay

Laura Smith is the founder of IHeartPlanners, and she’ll teach you how to:

  • Take control of your days.
  • Set the right goals – the ones you can actually stick with.
  • Prioritize your goals so you know what to work on first.
  • Stay motivated all year long.

A very good choice if goals are your focus this year. We can all learn some new ways to set and prioritize goals – and if you have some secret way to make your goals happen that works, why aren’t you sharing this information?!

Photo by marekuliasz via Shutterstock

Jami Balmet is the founder of Young Wife’s Guide and she’ll teach you:

  • Which three areas to focus on in the morning.
  • How to prioritize your day.
  • How to fit a morning routine into 21 minutes.

Which makes this webinar an excellent choice if habits are your focus for this year. Or of course, you can take both, as habits lead to goals getting completed!

Either webinar is an amazing way to possibly learn new things. Just as a side note, both women are mothers – Laura is a mother of two, and Jami of five. So juggling is definitely a way of life for them!

Sign up for either webinar here: Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 Webinar Registration There should be replays as well!

Feel free to try and register if you haven’t purchased the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 as well. Sometimes Ultimate Bundles opens it to everyone, and isn’t entirely clear when they announce it – and I would hate for you to miss out because of it!

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Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Photo Created by Raiscara Avalon

Yes, another bundle – I completely forgot this one was coming, honestly. And this one isn’t sticking around very long, it’s only on sale for Jan 2nd through the 8th. Those on my mailing list heard about it the second it went live, the 2nd at 8 am EST. Cause I’m cool that way. And there will be an additional post tomorrow about this, because of some cool free stuff…and I’m always willing to share the freebies with you guys!

Freebies are fun!

Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely want to be more productive in 2020 than I was in 2019. Yeowch. I feel like I slept 90% of 2019 away, and while I did do a lot of sleeping due to chronic fatigue, I also know that wasn’t all I did…but it sure does feel like it.

Photo via Ultimate Bundles

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($) has 73 different resources to help us all become more productive. From ebooks to ecourses, membership sites and more! Never mind the Early Bird bonus if you purchase today (Jan 3rd).

The “official” breakdown of products in The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 – $2,837.06 value:

  • 12 ebooks
  • 30 ecourses
  • 29 workbooks & printables
  • 2 membership sites

Anyone who’s read this blog for more than a second knows that I love Ultimate Bundles because they pack a lot of value into their bundles – at a fraction of the price. I ask you to purchase through my links to keep the lights on (and the internet!) so I can keep blogging and otherwise create my career and life. But you don’t have to, and there is always a money-back guarantee through Ultimate Bundles.

I like money, I’m not going to lie – pretty sure we all do. But I’m not going to recommend something just to make it…that’s too sketchy for me, and I don’t like shady ass business practices. I want you to be happy with the products or whatever that I recommend, and I want you to get the biggest bang for your buck as possible. Maybe I’m hurting myself by doing so, but I’m here to help people, not hurt them.

Photo via Ultimate Bundles

Oh yes, and the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020($)? Written by people just one or two steps ahead, normal, everyday folks who figured out something that worked for them and are sharing it. Not some large conglomerate somewhere who thinks they know what productivity is, or a so-called expert who optimizes everything and forgets to live – but real people with messy lives.

Now the fun part, the bonuses! The bonuses alone are worth $142.96

  • 2 8×10 prints, a printable 2020 calendar and $15 shop credit from Hope Ink.
  • 3-month membership to Focuster.
  • 2oz Energy Plus tincture from Earthly.

Early Bird Bonus – $97 value (Only good on Jan 3rd, so act fast!):

  • The Goal Crusher’s Mastermind by Brianna Berner

The Early Bird bonus will teach you thinks like why traditional goal planning doesn’t work, how to get rid of SMART goals and create a plan you will actually stick with, and Brianna’s top-secret way to knock things off that to-do list and finally take control of it!

All this for just $47 + $10 for some additional cheat sheets. Seriously, what the hell are you waiting for? Go start 2020 off right!

Happy New Year!

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Welcome, 2020! We greet you with joy – or at least I do. 2019 didn’t seem to be a good year for many, at least on my social media. But right now, we have that moment of hope, before routine and daily living turn us back into mindless drones…the birth of 2020.

There’s nothing quite like the birth of a new year – it’s almost like all of humanity holds its breath in excitement and awe, filled with hope for what the year will bring. Generally, that lasts until the first Monday after the new year, then it’s back to the same ole same.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Happy New Year! We get excited, we plan, we hope – then come Monday, we give up. Why is that? Why do we not hold on to the good feelings, and instead succumb to the usual apathy? Because apathy is comfortable, we’re familiar with it – feeling good for too long makes us uncomfortable. Feeling numb is comfortable, familiar and unchallenging – it doesn’t make us want things we think we can’t have. Hope makes us want to be better – better people, better selves. It tells our excuses where they can stick it – and reasons are just excuses in disguise, no matter how valid they may be.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This year can be different. Embrace being uncomfortable in 2020 and make your resolutions or goals stick. Inertia is what is holding you back, but once you start, you will build momentum – and it’s hard to stop something once it gets moving. All you have to do is keep moving, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day…it all adds up. An object in motion (that’s you) will stay in motion – but an object at rest (you again) will stay at rest. 

Which do you want to be in 2020? Happy New Year!

2019 In Review and Looking Forward To 2020

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It’s time to wrap up the year, and 2019 was one hell of a year. Mostly filled to the brim with bullshit, but hey, what’s the end of a decade for? Thank the gods that it is over!

Did Anything Go Right In 2019?

I got a new furnace. Otherwise, no – and the man is sticking it to us even now, just before the end of the year. The boyfriend has lost his food stamps and medical, for no known reason – and I’m down to $16 a month currently, for some unknown reason. And with no phone, can’t find out why and maybe fix it just yet. Always something this year to make life a little more challenging – but hey, definitely incentive to get the fuck off the state.

They really are more trouble then they are worth.

You end up jumping through more hoops than a normal person would expect, after laying down any sort of dignity you had left. Then you are beholden to them as they dole out some measly amount that you can just barely maybe survive on…but can change on a whim. And woe to the person that doesn’t follow the 400 million rules there are to these “benefits!” Never mind the fact that no one knows 1% of them, never mind ALL of them – and most of them you swear are made up literally on the spot.

Did I mention that you are treated like literal dirt this whole time? How dare you *gasp* need help?!

Image by annca from Pixabay

2010 – 2019

Honestly, not a good decade for me – at all! Lots of loss in the beginning – lost my mother in Oct of 2010. My daughter was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis in Jan 2011. Literally one thing after the other happened in this decade – it was a very turbulent decade. I became disabled in 2010, though I didn’t actually receive benefits till 2015. I will be very glad to see the backside of this decade, that is for sure.

I don’t think I met any of my goals at all in this decade, other than staying alive. Which is all I really can say I did. Which is actually quite the accomplishment, considering there were many a time where I was pretty sure life was trying to kill me.

Looking Forward To 2020

Fortunately, 2019 is almost behind us. And before us, all the glory that is 2020 and a new decade wrapped up in one. I have high hopes for this year, and this decade, that’s for sure. I’m not entirely sure it could be any worse than the one I just left. Really hoping to do some living and not just surviving, that’s for sure – I’m not getting any younger. Kiddo is going to be graduating high school soon – I’m running out of time quite literally.

In 2020 I am focusing on my most important value: Freedom. Without that one value, nothing else really matters all that much to me. And I’m finding already that freedom means much more than face value! I’m digging into some limiting beliefs, soul searching, doing lots of inner work – while also focusing on the obvious financial and other external definitions as well. This may carry me through the entire decade, we shall see.

Making more money is definitely one of my goals. But beyond that, I’m actually putting the time and effort into becoming financially stable with what I have right now. Yes, that means a budget – and so far, no one is happy with it but me. My boyfriend is the least happy. He’s already trying to change my mind and manipulate things to his liking, but so far, I’m holding strong. He’s even threatened not to do anything around the house! Which hey, is fine by me – do nothing, and I don’t have to give you an allowance at all. That’s money I can put elsewhere.

I have a lot of goals for the coming year, and with them, several new habits need to be instilled into me. A lot of people forget that habits make up goals and that to make goals easier, you need to come up with and get new habits. I’m about as prepared for 2020 as I can get, though I still have some planning to do to ensure that everything I can think of is covered. Of course, it’s a living document – I’ll be adding as time goes on and removing as things get accomplished.

What are your plans for 2020? Are you happy or sad that 2019 is leaving us?

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Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019

Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019

Photo Created by Raiscara Avalon

As an herbalist, I do a lot with herbs and essential oils. I would do more, but I’m a bit out of practice since I stopped really focusing on it about a decade ago.  And with being out of practice, I’m nowhere near as confident as I once was, when I could pretty much tell you what herb to use for almost anything.

That knowledge is still in there, it just doesn’t get accessed enough anymore.

Yes, I do a lot of different things. It’s part of being a multipotentialite/polymath. I’m a very curious person.

Image by monicore from Pixabay

With the New Year right around the corner, a lot of people are looking for ways to make their resolutions stick a little bit better than they might have last year. Especially when it comes to their health, and that’s where the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019($) comes in.

The Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019($) is $49.97, plus $10 for the cheat sheets. At a value of over $700, that’s quite the steal!

The Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019($) contains 40 products: 29 ebooks, 4 printables, and 7 ecourses.

Image by monicore from Pixabay

I literally want everything Ultimate Bundles sells. I haven’t found a bad product in the bunch yet, and they sell a LOT of bundles. This bundle, in particular, is excellent for adding some more natural products and solutions into your life. There is a whole shit ton of information in this bundle, so even if you are just mildly curious about the topic, you will find enough information to kick off a lifetime of learning.

Herbs and essential oils can be used in many different ways, affecting a wide variety of areas of life. You can use them to improve your health, skincare/personal care – or maybe you just need a fun way to make some money from home. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2019($) can help you learn and start doing your own projects immediately. So grab a copy and start having fun learning to live a more natural life today!

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