Note For My Rais #2 – Going Through A Rough Patch

TweetShare1SharePinShare1 SharesNews From My Bed: I have been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. I’ve been so fatigued that I’m on a new level that I’ve never reached before, and I don’t consider that a good thing. And I’ve been so exhausted that breathing, should it be optional, would have ceased. But now my bones and muscles

Note For My Rais #1 – Just An Update

TweetShare1SharePinShare1 SharesNews From My Bed: Was going to put desk, but that’s not very honest, since I literally do all my work from my bed. Ah, the beauty of chronic illnesses. I suppose I can actually see that as a blessing, in a way – though I am very much sick of this bed. But we all have to start

Letter To My Rais #1 – Welcome To The New, Goodbye To The Old

TweetShare1SharePinShare1 SharesRais stands for rays of light, with my own spelling. A quirk on my name, if you will. Which more or less means a beautiful beacon of light, near as I can tell…and I want to include that who I am to you guys, and in who you are to me. You are my “rais” of light, and I