Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day from my family to yours!

Enjoy the unofficial start of summer (at least it is here) with your parties, BBQs, sales and camping trips or what have you.

But never forget the real reason for the holiday!

Taking the week off to focus on other things. Everything will return to normal next Monday, 3 June 2019.

Much love,



[Personal Friday] Learning, Learning, Learning

[Personal Friday] Learning, Learning, Learning
Personal Friday at Raiscara Avalon

Did I happen to mention that I’m learning?

I’m learning so much about blogging, things I didn’t even know that I didn’t know. And even better, I am slowly putting things into action to see what works for me. All this learning is also helping me generate ideas of my own. Lots of ideas. I just need to remember to do one thing at a time. Slow change is better than fast.

If I do 20 different things at once, how will I know what worked?

I wouldn’t, and that’s a problem. I can’t repeat what works, keep it, if I don’t know what works. And I can’t get rid of what doesn’t work, again because I don’t know. It’s a bit of a Catch-22, really.

Learning is fun, but putting things into practice is more important. All the theoretical knowledge in the world won’t help you unless you do. Doing is how you truly learn.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

With this process, I know I’ll truly learn how to do whatever I need to. The world becomes my oyster at that point, and it can be the same for you.

I have a lot to learn. And I do mean a LOT! But I’ll get there, one step at a time. While I work, I’m learning – because I’m doing mostly, but not always. I’m learning about blogging, writing in general, life, and any other topic that interests me. I’m a multipotentialite, so I never stop learning…the topics just change. And this blog is a bit of a reflection of that.

We all need to learn and grow – Nature abhors a vacuum. And if you aren’t growing, you’re dead…it just hasn’t caught up with you yet.

As a side note, I have 3 months to raise a LOT of money in order to prevent homelessness. Come heating season in Maine, I’m out of luck. So I’m raising money on GoFundMe, working as much as I can to make money, and my family is as well. We actually need more than what I’m raising – that is literally just what we need to get housing and a reliable vehicle.

We are dealing with all kinds of issues right now, from food scarcity to medical to transportation – and it keeps getting worse! I have faith that folks will help us out because otherwise, I don’t know what we are going to do.

Living far below the poverty line is no good – especially with impending homelessness. And I can’t get any help from the state etc, I’ve already tried. Best I could do is subsidized housing – but that’s a two year + waiting list. And honestly, the options are not in areas I want to live.

So please donate what you can. Or buy something I have for sale, such as Random Photos From Maine Vol I. Read and clap on my Medium posts. Share my fundraiser. Something.

If you don’t want to donate via GoFundMe:

  • Paypal
  • Google Pay (email: raiscara.avalon@gmail.com)

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What To Do When You Lack Energy

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Last week, I talked about what to do if you lack brain energy, but what if the lack of brain energy is actually a lack of energy, period? Lack of brain energy can be a symptom of something even worse – a complete lack of energy in its totality. I’ve been going through this since last week, and it’s still not fully resolved.

Usually, a lack of energy isn’t something new to us. We’ve been there before and resolved it.

Take a Period of Rest

Sometimes you just have to take some time off, and allow yourself to rest. For most people, it should only take a few days – for those of us with chronic illnesses, it may take weeks or months to feel “normal” again. You should have an idea of how long it will take you to bounce back, but be flexible – it may take less time or more time than the “usual” amount this time.

Fill The Creative Well

Seems illogical to take in anything when your brain and body are fatigued, but I find it is one of the better times to do so. This helps to prevent feelings of guilt about not working, for one thing. For another, it’s definitely a productive use of your time without actually BEING productive – which may strain your already fatigued self. Make the time to watch TV, read books, take photos – whatever fills the well for you without feeling like you’re being productive. Trick your brain!

I’ve spent time watching a little of a bunch of shows, like Elementary, Mom, Ancient Aliens, and even started Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There are reasons behind all of them, but my brain just thinks we’re having fun and “avoiding” work.

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Listen To Your Body

This is the time to really up your self-care habits. Not doing them, or not doing them enough may be what caused your fatigue in the first place. I know that for me, if I don’t keep to my schedule and various habits, I turn into an entire mess in an instant thanks to my chronic illnesses. Sometimes, though, it just hits without warning. Don’t force anything if you can help it…that, in my humble opinion and experience, just makes things worse.

Take Frequent Breaks

If you absolutely cannot avoid something, or start to feel like you’re about ready to get back to work, take small, frequent breaks. I have to do this sometimes due to a sensitivity to screens when my fatigue levels are high, to prevent headaches and eye strain. Do something else for a while, or just walk away. Even if you have to make up an excuse. I’ve taken several breaks while writing this blog post, due to going through that sensitivity thing right now. Close your eyes for a few moments, take a bathroom break – whatever makes sense to you and your situation.

These are all ways that I personally combat fatigue, and know to work. Some may have to be done in conjunction with others, make this work for you personally.

Do you have any other tips for battling fatigue? What do you personally do when your energy levels get too low?

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My Published Work: Medium Posts

My Published Work
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I have started writing on Medium, and I’m still feeling my way around there. It’s definitely an interesting platform, and I quite enjoy reading several folks on there, and I’m sure that list will grow. And of course, I love the fact that I can write on there and make money doing so – that’s also nice.

Cause I’m not going to lie, I could use all the money I could get right now. I’ve been having quite the run of bad luck lately.

But it’s not going to keep me from my goals! Though I do wish things would move a little faster at times.

My current Medium stories:

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What To Do When You Lack Brain Energy

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This blog post is late due to Mother’s Day Weekend and complete brain fatigue. Hope all the mothers and the single fathers had a great Mother’s Day!

Brain fatigue is a huge issue for me, and I know it is for a lot of creatives. We do so much in our daily lives – we’re moms and dads, creatives, members of the workforce, chronic illness sufferers – the list goes on and on. Most of us work hard at our creative pursuits, constantly improving our craft, no matter what it is.

And being creative takes a lot of brain energy.

How To Increase Brain Energy

Eat Right For More Brain Energy

The brain only has so much energy, especially if you aren’t eating right. And most of us aren’t, even if we choose healthy snacks, we’re still running around (like chickens with our heads cut off), trying to keep up with all of our responsibilities AND our creative life.

The brain needs certain things for energy. Starting with a healthy, balanced diet is a great idea to increase brain energy, but certain foods work better than others. Carbohydrates for one. Yes, evil carbs are amazing for brain energy. But not all carbs are created equal – aim for complex carbs rather than simple ones. It’s the simple ones you should mostly avoid – even if over 40% of your diet should be carbs.

Ketones are important as well as protein – fatty acids and amino acids are required for your brain to function.

Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay


You know you should, but when are you going to find the time? Try exercising for 15 minutes instead of blocking out an hour if you just can’t get that much time. Aim to do 2 15 minute exercise routines at a minimum. The best part is, you don’t have to go to the gym – all that running around you do counts! This gets oxygen to the brain, which is vital to brain health. The more you exercise regularly, the more oxygen that gets to your brain.

The synapses and neurons in your brain uses roughly 80% of your brain’s energy. Exercise produces lactate as well, most of which goes to your brain for energy. Stretching regularly will help in keeping the lactate flowing. Lactate may also have much to do with your brain’s plasticity, which affects learning and changing.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Take A Nap

Sometimes you just need to refresh your brain. Taking a nap can help reduce the toll thinking has on your brain, as the brain uses different functions while you sleep. Even a 20-minute nap can help refresh your brain. I know suggesting a nap is almost crazy talk for most of us, but give it a try. It’s good for your brain AND your productivity!

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Avoid Alcohol

Many of us like to unwind with a beer or glass of wine, which is fine and may be healthy. The issue shows up when someone becomes a heavy drinker – they aren’t doing their brain any favors, and instead may be destroying it. If you are an alcoholic, get help – the drunken creative myths aren’t doing you any favors. It’s hurting you and your creative pursuits.

The brain is seriously an amazing thing. At 3lbs, it uses about 20% of your energy…a fairly large percentage. And we still know so little about it. Studies are being done all the time on various subjects, including how everyday things affect the brain. I find the brain absolutely fascinating. These tips will definitely help you keep your brain energy high as you go through your day.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

For More Information:

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Personal Friday: Talk About Some Bad Luck

Personal Friday: Talk About Some Bad Luck
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Last Friday, after the blog post, well, that afternoon, I broke the vehicle I’m using – shotgun holed the oil pan. Got to the store, and oil went everywhere. *sigh* My brother and his father-in-law had to bail me out. This is getting to be a habit. 

I need a new vehicle, but that isn’t in the cards right now. Or in the near future, as things are going right now.

Fortunately, my brother managed to patch the oil pan, so I can still drive, but no one knows how long it will last. Yay.

And to make matters worse, this Wednesday, my furnace decided it didn’t want to work. Checked everything I could think of, but I’m no tech. Dad took a look at it, and he couldn’t figure it out. So, tech call.

That’s bad enough, but my oil company treats me well. So I can’t complain there.

The tech guy shows up, does his thing and everything is fine till the end…the heat shield was being held on by one measly screw! If that had fallen, it could have killed my whole family.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

So he condemns it, naturally. It’s not something he can fix, it’s unsafe, obviously…so I lost my furnace. And heat is still required at night. Fun times.

Fortunately, the owner of my oil company loaned us some heaters, which helps. I’ll take what I can get honestly.

Now I need to come up with 3 grand plus. Probably not going to happen anytime soon, but it’s worth a try. Add that to the long list of things I need money for!

They say bad things come in three’s, I’m not looking forward to the next one. Hopefully, two is enough! Really tired of my life being held together with baling wire, duct tape and a smattering of Bondo. Onward and upward I suppose!

Hello world!

Raiscara AvalonThis republished due to a plugin error. Was originally published 10 Nov 2018.

Why hello there. My name is Raiscara, and this is my little online home. Yeah, I’m keeping the hello world title, as it fits. Right now I’m a writer working on my first novel, as well as being somewhat of an amateur photographer. I’m also currently disabled due to a number of health issues, and I’m sure they will come up from time to time.

My goal is to end up with a good, full-time income from writing and other things. I honestly believe that multiple streams of income are the way to go – so that’s what I’m working on. I’m aiming to post every Monday for now, and maybe I’ll increase it later. Got to work within my limits, even though it’s hard!

[Photo credit: Raiscara Avalon]

My Published Work: Random Photos From Maine Vol I

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Some of you may know, but I haven’t really done any sort of promoting of it, that I have a photo book up on Amazon. There will be more, naturally, I’m just focusing on other things right now.

Here’s the cover, if you haven’t seen it already:

Random Photos From Maine Volume 1

It’s a short photo book, listed at $1.99. There are plenty more where those photos come from as well – I literally have gigs worth of nature shots, some good, some okay, and some not that great. The thing is, all my photos are unedited – no fake colors on my photos. Photoshopped photos hurt my eyes – and give us an unrealistic expectation of perfection.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, go nab Random Photos From Maine Vol 1 from Amazon now. I could use your feedback to make them even better – so leave a review on Amazon or feedback on here – or just email me! raiscara@raiscaraavalon.com if you forgot.

Weekend Special For The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

Just a quick note to let you know about a weekend special being offered for The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019 ($) – a live webinar by Corina at NowThatICanDo. This applies to anyone who already purchased the bundle as well!

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The webinar is on self-care, something creatives definitely need more of. It’s called Maximize Your Morning Routine: Self-care Strategies That Work For The Busiest Homemakers. This only lasts for today and tomorrow, if you didn’t think 104 different products were worth the price of $29.97.

And here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Motivation & perspective for self-care
  • Setting expectations & choosing your priorities for self-care
  • Hacks for getting put together faster each day
  • Creating your doable self-care routine

And don’t forget, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019 ($) goes away after Monday, May 6th!